MicroThumbs Microgreen Farming Initiative

We are very excited to introduce our new school programs, geared towards teaching kids about urban farming and sustainability while generating an extra income for your school.

Our urban microgreens school farm is a great opportunity for your school to be at the forefront of emerging farming in urban spaces. We guarantee to buy all of your crops, so the school can focus on the growing part, which we will teach the individuals taking care of the crops. Your school will earn an extra income and you will be teaching your students valuable skills such as business, farming, sustainability, and food security.

Inside the School Farm (Built by MicroThumbs)

If your school does not have an agriculture program, do not worry, the urban microgreens school farm can still generate an income for the school and look amazing at any school open day.

Alberton High MicroThumbs Microgreen Farm 2023

We believe that the program will also add to the beauty of your school, showcasing a unique and innovative farm that is visibly attractive to visitors. 



We have various school farm packages available, per farms setup.  it includes equipment, full training, ongoing support, an offtake agreement and much more. With the right package, you will enjoy monthly profits, profit is determined and depending on space. 

You will only need to purchase monthly seeds, growing medium, and packets, and at the moment, we recommend focusing on the easiest 2 crops with the highest yields. 

The farm will pay for itself. You will also need some kind of in door space, for example an empty garage, old classroom, a green house, shed etc. 

Our team will provide full ongoing support and training to succeed in this venture.

We would love to discuss this opportunity with you further, and we encourage you to book a meeting with our team leader, Rick, you can learn more today by filling in our contact form.


We would love to discuss this opportunity with you further, and we encourage you to book a meeting with our team leader, Rick, you can learn more today by filling in our contact form.



In addition, we offer the Microgreens Home Growing Kids Course where the kids will learn how to grow their own healthy food at home.


We come to the school to teach the children all they need to know to grow successfully at home, and parents can enroll their children for a small fee of R250 per kid. Your school will receive a portion of this to use however you wish.


The package includes a microgreen growing kit with seeds and growing medium, a spray bottle, and full hands-on training at the school during hours that fit your schedule.


We also offer top-up classes and sell seeds and growing mediums to parents, and the school will receive a portion of the profits generated.
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MicroThumbs ® aims to make our client’s lives easier, making everyday living healthier and more efficient by delivering the best quality microgreens and microgreend products to your doorstep.

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