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Ready to get your hands dirty? Turn your green thumbs into greenbacks and let’s grow your farm and business, together! R2000.00 for Discovery Consultation (one to two hours)


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Are you Looking to start your very own microgreens farm? MicroThumbs has you covered with our shiny new business consultancy service, STEMCO.
As leaders in research, development, and all things microgreens, we’ve expanded our offerings to assist aspiring green thumbs to grow their ideas into fully 
operational and profitable farms.


By partnering up with MicroThumbs, you’ll have access to a bunch of resources, including our knowledge, team, network, and support. We’ll help you not only cultivate a successful microgreens farm but a thriving business too. With our thorough experience in setting up and running over 22 farms across South Africa, you’ll receive expert and personalised guidance on everything from selecting the best microgreens to grow, to developing powerful brand and marketing strategies.


Alongside this, we’ll offer support with logistics, assisting you to navigate the complexities of transporting and selling your microgreens to customers. And with our robust back-end software system at the ready,
day-to-day farm management will be a breeze. It’s not just about the services that MicroThumbs provide – it’s also about the philosophy on which we’re built.

Our dedication to organic food speaks volumes.

We’re passionate about our farming ethos

At MicroThumbs, we’re dedicated to our farming ethos, committed to organic, non-GMO greens that are not only delicious but also highly nutritious. Microgreens, bursting with flavor, offer up to 40 times more nutrients than their mature counterparts. Our secret? It’s all about freshness and efficiency.

Unlike traditional outdoor farms, we’ve revolutionized the process with indoor vertical farms. This allows us to grow microgreens in smaller, carefully controlled environments, maximizing nutritional value and growth. Our streamlined approach ensures fail-proof service delivery, with microgreens going from harvest to household (or retail stores) in just six hours, guaranteeing the freshest and most nutritious experience for consumers.

But our journey doesn’t stop there. At MicroThumbs, we’re passionate about exploring the endless delicious and nutritious possibilities that microgreens offer.

The MicroThumbs team  are dedicated to showcasing the flavor and versatility of microgreens. That’s why we’ve carefully curated an extensive range of delectable products and recipes, from pestos to powders, to highlight the incredible potential of these tiny greens. But we don’t stop there.

We’re also venturing into the world of cosmetics, with 10 brand-new products set to launch over the next two years. Our commitment to innovation extends beyond our products. We’re determined to share our vast knowledge with you, demonstrating how you can create additional income streams for your business using the mighty microgreens.

From our humble beginnings in Johannesburg to expanding to over 22 farms across South Africa, MicroThumbs leads the way in microgreens research and development. With our own processing plant, we’re able to develop a wide range of microgreens-based products. Whether you’re looking for culinary delights or exploring the possibilities of microgreens in cosmetics, MicroThumbs is here to provide you with innovative solutions and opportunities.

After having a comprehensive discussion over the phone, you will have an understanding of the requirements of your business and a potential roadmap to progress.


5 Key points we will touch on in the Discovery Consultation

  • A full understanding of what your wants and needs are
  • The basics needed to get a Microgreen Business operational
  • A ten step plan to getting started
  • Brief discussion of your area, supplier, potentials, and demand
  • We will touch on marketing and sales
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